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As you know i am a person living with DID and because i could not find help for our system, we all dedicated a lot of time reading, researching and learning about DID.
When we started our groups and saw how many people did not have a therapist, had no clue what to do, where to start, where to go – We realised that we could share everything we learned with the rest of the world even more so than before we started our channel. When we started our channel it was mostly to break stigma.
To say my name might be Kevin but i’m no k*ller, im not like the movies at all!
By now we still have more than a 100 video topics planned, because we learned we could use our channel for so much more than ”just” stigma breaking.

These testimonials are not to boost my ego. I get enough messages and comments and likes and loves and asks and positive feedback from all you lovely power systems!
What i hope this page will do, is show that it’s possible to help people with DID.
DID has been in the DSM for nearly 25 years. Sure it’s still wrongly, sadly educated as extremely rare, but its not extremely rare, its not rare at all!
I hope this page will show professionals (therapists, psychologist, psychiatrists, case workers etc) that people with DID can be helped, that it is possible to educate yourself on the topic enough to help people! (even without a background in psychiatry aperently.)
It is sad your education failed you on this topic, but please, we, those with DID beg you, to educate yourself and start treating the 1-3% of people who live and often suffer from their dissociative identity disorder.

I’m not a therapist but i can help people with DID.
You are (might be) a therapist,
so you can for sure help people with DID!
Please don’t be afraid of us.
The only people we hurt is ourselves and our alters.
Many of us want help so badly, are so motivated to get help,
and to function better and more collective as a system.
You, dear therapist, can help us with that.
Please start educating yourself if the company you work for
refuses too. In our links and resources tab you can find many,
many links. We will also write our own articles about this topic soon.

To the Power Systems:
I am and we are, so so proud of all of you who chose to say
it ends with me and to stand their ground and educate themselves
because of a lack of educations in many professionals.
we know and understand your pain.
No one helped us a child, no one is helping us now.
But we know you and we know you want to make progress
and are motivated and willing and ready and able to learn.
Please choose your words wisely. These testimonials are to show
that help is possible. I think i’ve been clear enough myself in this post
that i think its important therapist take their responsibilities.
If not for us, then for the next generation! It ends with us! ❤
Power to the systems! And remember, anything chosen out of free will,
is stronger than that forced upon us! Stand your ground, stand in your truth,
be authentic and you, dear power system, will prevail!
We love you, we thank you all so much for your support!
And we wish you all, all the best!